Here is how the process goes:

Guided Soul Searching

You send a few photos and fill out a survey about your home and what inspires you. This helps us get to know your space and come over prepared to get the most out of our hour session. 

Our Hour Together

We show up with coffee for you and lots of thoughts; you take tons of notes and ask us questions. We spend an hour talking about your space and sharing our thoughts, shopping your home, and even rearranging. We leave you with more ideas and directives for achieving the look you want. 


Within a month of our visit, we have a follow-up email conversation to see how things are going. You send us photos of your changes, ask us questions, and bask in our compliments about how beautiful your space is now.

Oh hey… working with us gets you perks at Retro Den.

  • You'll receive 10% off your next purchase.
  • While scouting for the shop, we'll let you know if we see something you may like before it hits the showroom floor.
  • We will also yell your name with resounding joy when you enter our shop, like Norm, on Cheers. Just like that.
Read a Home Styling Mini Session Case Study!

Read a Home Styling Mini Session Case Study!

starts at $300