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We first met Emily Netz at The Alliday Show a few years ago. She made and sold beautiful brass air plant hangers. She and I (Daly) figured out that we were both pregnant and due within a few days of one another. The excitement and anxiety of impending parenthood bonded us, but I must admit enjoying our friendship on the background of her beautiful homes has been a nice perk.

Emily and her affable husband Jeff flip houses, and if I were a house, I'd want them flipping me. They take care to respect the home's character and breathe fresh life into the walls. All the while, they are raising their sweet, handsome boys Theo and Auggie. 

We love Emily's nuanced style that feels modern and historic at the same time. There is something warm and exhilarating about her decorating, each vintage piece and plant carefully chosen. Thank you for welcoming us into your space–we really enjoyed spending a few hours taking photos, sipping delicious coffee, and asking tons of design questions, which you can read her answers to below.

If you'd like to keep up with Emily and her house-flipping adventures, she recently started a newsletter to share the tips and tricks of her trade. You can sign up here. 

What is your approach to incorporating vintage into your home? Sometimes my decorating is quite deliberate and planned, but other times I happen upon a lucky find and I make a place for it in my home. Usually, I have an ongoing list in my head of things that I’m on the lookout for, and I know that eventually I will find them as long as I keep looking. I have my favorite antique and thrift stores that I pop into regularly, and I think that is key for finding those sought-after pieces. It really takes patience!  

How would you describe your homestyle? Maybe it’s a little lofty, but I would like to describe my style as “thoughtfully & eclectically curated.” Whether I choose to incorporate a new piece into my home or whether I find a 100 year old something-or-other to fit in a corner or on a shelf, I want it to be intentional.

Where do you get inspiration from? Some of my favorite sources of inspiration that I look to are anything by Amber Interiors, Sarah Sherman Samuel, and Emily Henderson. Lately, I am finding myself more drawn to a primitive style than I have in the past. The classic English kitchens by deVOL are calling my name. I also love the work by Jersey Ice Cream Co.  

Think of your style six years ago and think of your style now, how has it evolved? When I think back to six years ago and how different my style was, it is rather humorous and even a little cringe-worthy. It has taken me quite a bit of experimenting to really discover what I love and to realize that my taste is ever evolving. My style has morphed by different catalysts over time. I started out by purchasing furniture inexpensively off of craigslist and from garage sales and trying them out in my house. If I didn’t like it, I sold it! And I usually made money on most everything I “flipped.” That whole process helped me figure out what style of furniture really made me happy when I walked into a room. It also taught me how to spot a good deal and become a better negotiator.

 What are you really into right now in the design world? Right this moment I’m really into NOT being into trends. Is that an acceptable answer? Haha! I find myself always coming back to the classic, simple pieces that have a history and could tell you quite a tale if only they could talk. I might be inclined to try out the wallpaper trend - if I can convince my husband!

Why do you think it's important, worthwhile, to have a beautiful home? I believe that the home is a direct reflection of the people who dwell inside. I realize not everyone enjoys the process of creating a beautiful space as much as you or I do, but I think it is equally important for everyone to create a space that elicits a sense of peace in the middle of the crazy busy world we live in. Our home should be a haven of rest – and we should love being at home. And having a beautiful home doesn’t have to mean that it is perfectly styled or furnished to the hilt. It’s about creating a feeling of belonging that is transferred to everyone who walks over the threshold.

How does your home reflect who you are? Oh I don’t know! One part of me wants people to take notice of the clever details and work I carefully put into curating each space. But another part of me wants people to not even see the pretty things but simply to get the feeling I am trying to convey of comfort, belonging, and love. I guess I want to do such a good job of creating a homey-home that people don’t even realize why they feel so awesome when they are here. Even though I love creating a beautiful space, I don’t value it over the people inside. I hope my home reflects that about me.

What is your favorite piece in your home right now? Besides my coffeemaker, my favorite piece right now is my coffee bar. It’s just an old buffet that I found off of craigslist. It has water rings on the top and the drawers stick, but it’s oh-so-functional and keeps my kitchen counters clear of all of my coffee paraphernalia. 

What are five Instagram accounts or blogs that you like right now? You will really get a kick out of the wide range of accounts that I’m into at the moment. I tend to follow accounts that speak to me on a personal level in the different roles I play as a wife, mother, and entrepreneur, as well as accounts that drop great business tips or just simply inspire me in various ways.

I enjoy following @imomsohard because I love – no, need! – a good laugh and finding solidarity in motherhood. @heysweetpea – Elise is a personal friend of mine and her branding school is kicking butt. It’s been rewarding to see how their business has grown in the last few years. She is one of the most encouraging people I know. Tiffany’s beautiful account (@tifforelie) is always inspiring me. I love how she writes and shares about her travels. Amanda (@mamawatters) inspires me in the area of motherhood and homemaking – I’ve followed her for years now! A new favorite is Sara Tasker’s feed (@me_and_orla). She is an Instagram and blogging coach and I am learning so much from her podcasts.

Thank you again, Emily! 

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