Ready, Set, Set (the table)!

Owning the store means a ton of tables are at my hands, and I get to indulge in one of my greatest joys, holiday table setting. The night of a dinner party, you can find me running around my house grabbing things from bookshelves to spruce up the table. I'm always thinking, "What little element would bring my guests joy?" For the setting below, the jumping off point is a cheery color combination, blue and green with hints of yellow. I kept picturing a turkey and mashed potatoes being lovingly placed on this table, and it made me smile.

Stay tuned for more styled tables!

What's the most interesting thing you've used for table decorating? One time I painted a strip of paper as my table runner, and I am quite fond of brass animals sitting around among glassware. Do you have any plans for your Thanksgiving table?

-Ashley Daly