We are on the Noshery!

Want to know more about what the Ashleys are thinking about and doing? Meseidy at The Noshery asked us to blog a few times a month about home decorating and projects. Here are sneak peeks of two posts for her so far:

Introduction by Vignette
Hi! My name is Ashley Daly, co-owner of Retro Den, a vintage home store in Tulsa, Oklahoma. When Meseidy asked my business partner, Ashley Palmer (two Ashleys!) and me to contribute some guest blogs to The Noshery, we were pumped. CONTINUE READING

Winter Arrangements: I Brought My Backyard Inside And So Can You Sometimes I just want to bring the outside in. It really cheers a lady up! With no summer time blooms to raid, I pressed on into my yard to see what I could find. The winter answer to home-grown bouquets? Trees and bushes. CONTINUE READING