I get my plants from friends and random people willing to give up the goods. Offered some insight on plant sharing today on The Noshery. Read a bit below.

Give Me Your Plants: A Shared Garden

I’ve discussed clipping branches from your neighbor’s curb-dumped Christmas trees, now let’s talk about getting into their beds. Flower beds, that is. It hit me that this form of plant acquisition is really the vintage shopping of gardening. I look at my vintage wedding band and love that it says “Ring ‘O’ Happiness 8-25-28″ inside. Because wearing it is being part of a legacy of love. Because my husband and I got it from some awesome people at a pawnshop at the bottom of my dad’s office in downtown Tulsa. The ring’s history and my acquisition of it is meaningful. And so it is with the newest plant additions to my yard this year. Call me a small business owner, but it doesn’t hurt that they were also free.

I am no plant expert (yet), but I do know the plants I’ve had the best success with are ones I got from friend’s yards. CONTINUE READING