September starts succulent Saturdays

As you must know by now, we love succulents! They are so beautiful and easy to care for! They are also like the vintage shopping of plants- so many varieties that people collect them! One reason we love them so much is our grower, Sara. These plants are her passion. Each succulent we sell has been hand started and cared for by her. We tell customers to send us photos if they are having trouble with a plant they've purchased because Sara is always happy to help us figure out what might help get the succulent back on track. They can live a long time, and we want them to live long happy lives keeping our customers company.

We are very lucky to announce that our grower Sara will be in our shop all day on Saturdays for the next couple months starting this weekend. We don't have an end date yet, but we'll let you know when that comes up. Meanwhile, we will have our normal supply of succulents all throughout the week and even more on the weekend. We are always happy to plant your succulents for you at the shop in planters you find here at Retro Den or in planters you bring in. Saturdays will be extra special because you can have the super real expert plant for you and tell you all about your new home addition.

/// Us Ashleys and Sara hanging out after our Succulent Planting Event this past July. Succulent Saturdays will be a plant party every weekend!///