On giving and getting: Showers, registries and the satisfaction of going rogue

At the shop, we are always talking about how people should approach filling their homes with stuff. One significant moment of stuff getting happens around marriage. In the most recent Tulsa Voice, I share how to approach registering and also gift-giving.

One self-serving thing I didn't mention in the article is that it's a great idea to shop local boutiques when registering for wedding gifts. There are new sites (like myregistry.com) allowing you to have one centralized registry that can include larger shops and local places.

Below is a snippet and a link to the full article.


Are you a bride or groom and you’re not sure you want a wedding shower? Shut your face. You’re about to marry the love of your life and people want to buy you presents? This is a dream scenario based on years of tradition, and you will not muck it up by trying to be humble. It’s time you saddle on the right gift-accepting attitude and focus on making the perfect registry.

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