For All Seasons: Choose your level of decorating zeal—and stick with it

The decorating season is upon us, and we've been talking about how to approach this tricky task. Ashley Daly shared her go-big-or-go-home  holiday decorating theories in the most recent The Tulsa Voice. Below is a snippet and link to the full article.


The holidays are no time to fart around. They are happy times that deserve to be marked by tinsel and fake trees or skeletons and pumpkins. There should always be a wreath. Wreath presence is tip number one, and here are a few more:

No middle ground I’m going to give you a choice of what type of holiday decorator you can be. You can be like me and only have one decently large plastic tub full of all your holiday items for the entire year; or you can be like my mom, who has a storage unit or two full of decorations. You go all out or you give a polite and festive shout out. These are the only two appropriate ways to decorate.

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