Of a piece: Walking the line between impassioned collector and hoarding weirdo

We are proud to be posting these photos of Ashley Daly's brass animal collection to the internet. Do you have nutty collections? In the most recent Tulsa Voice, Daly shares what it takes to fine-tune your obsession into a stylish display. Read a snippet, browse bonus photos and find a link to the full article below.


There is nothing inherently wrong with collecting a lot of similar things. It’s a big part of many of our lives. Jack Donaghy? Cookie jars. Me? Brass animals. You? Maybe Star Wars figurines or spoons or Pez dispensers. Displaying these collections in our homes is a way of celebrating our interests. Do it well, and you become better understood. Do it poorly, and you become the butt of jokes. My goal is to make my collection of brass animals look so cool that people revere the shiny little figurines for the wonders that they are. You can do the same for your rare coins or Chia Pets.

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