Retro Den's 2nd Birthday

Two years ago this past weekend, I was flying down to Houston with my husband Ryan to celebrate my brother's birthday. I got off the plane in Houston Hobby Airport, and I had 20 missed calls and one text message: Retro Den is for sale! My heart floated to my brain in a whoosh of disbelief and hope. I abandoned my husband for the bathroom and called Ashley Palmer saying, "This is the voice of a woman crazy enough to quit her job and buy a vintage furniture store."

We'd been plotting a store of our own, so we had all our business plans together and a five year plan in place. Five years turned into two days, and we quickly found ourselves the owners of a store we loved.

Our hearts committed to a store filled with only things we'd put in a version of our own homes and to being people who kept choosing the paths that bring us fulfillment and peace.

Over the past two years:

  • We quit our day jobs and embarked on our dream.
  • We moved 4,000 square feet of furniture through an ice storm from our first building (and its 120 plus leaks in the ceiling) to our current home at 1216 S. Harvard where it is dry and bright. Thank you to our dear friends who made this feat possible! We gave them beer and food; friends only take that as payment when they believe in you.
  • We welcomed our first Retro Den future Caroline of Ashley and Patrick Palmer! And announced another little one coming this August, baby Harriet of Ashley and Ryan Daly.
  • We started carrying locally made and grown goods from some truly amazing people. Succulents! Fiber Arts! Hand-crafted furniture!
  • We hosted Alliday and celebrated the holidays in style and surrounded by friends.
  • Ashley Palmer's mom Janie started offering her awesome upholstery services in the back of our shop.
  • We've become close to our many business associates, pickers, and small business friends and mentors- people we rely on for good conversation and good picking for the store.

But mostly, we got to spend our days with our wonderful customers who make what we do possible. We love meeting you and working with you to put meaningful and well-made pieces into your homes. We hope you wake up each day in surroundings that bring you a smile and help you step out your door ready to be your best self. That's our greatest wish for our little shop.

Thank you for two lovely years and many more to come.

Retro Den Ashleys