Succulent Care Guide Part Two: Upkeep

Hello! So you've successfully planted your succulent, huh?

No? Go back to Part One and read how. If yes, continue reading to learn the basics of how to care for your little guy.


Succulent placement:

  • Succulents thrive outside, but they can lead productive lives inside as well. If they live indoors, please get them lots of natural light. 
  • If it rains for more than a day, bring your succulent to a covered area.
  • When it gets below 40 degrees, be sure to bring your succulents inside.
porch succulents

Light requirements:

  • Succulents are desert plants. They like a lot of sun.

  • South facing windows are the best for your indoor succulents.

  • Very colorful (red, purple, pink) succulents require more sunshine while greener succulents require less.
Lower Light Succulents

Lower Light Succulents

Higher Light Succulents

Higher Light Succulents

Watering rules:

  • In general, water your succulents a couple times a month in the warmer months and only once a month in the winter.
  • If you have a small container with no drainage, be especially careful not to overwater. 
  • The fastest way to kill your succulent is to overwater.

"More sunshine, less water" is a succulent mantra to live by. More plant care tips to come!

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