Our Top 5 Reasons Why to Shop Vintage

Shopping vintage. A topic obviously near and dear to us Ashleys' hearts. We both quit our professional day jobs to run a vintage home shop afterall. Why is shopping vintage so wonderful you ask? Here's why!

1. You need old and new in your home. Ever go into a house and it feels like a catalogue or, on the other extreme, a thrift store? That, my friends, is because every home needs both old and new pieces to look balanced and pulled together. While there are always exceptions, only having new pieces in your space leaves it looking sterile and unimaginative, whereas only having vintage can give off a grandma vibe. That's why it's so important to mix it up and let the pieces complement one another to achieve an optimal look. The new lends your home a modern and fresh feel whereas the vintage gives it soul and character. One without the other wouldn't be nearly as beautiful. Let them work together for you.


2. Vintage pieces have history. Vintage furniture and objects have lived full lives before they came to you. They have a history. How many families before yours ate around this harvest table? What music played in the downtown smoking lounge while men sat on this 1930s leather sofa? Did a woman stare into this vintage mirror every morning while brushing her hair? An object's history makes us feel connected to the past and others. Realizing you are part of a greater story brings about a sense of purpose and meaning. Pieces from your own family's story make this connection that much sweeter.


3. A focus on quality. It's true. Things were just made better back then. Solid wood furniture was commonplace in the past while you'd be hard pressed to find the equivalent now without spending a very very pretty penny. Plus, these pieces have stood the test of time. The craftsmanship and quality of materials have allowed them to be passed down generation after generation and live in present day.


4. Ability to buy high or low. Vintage pieces give you options when it comes to shopping. From purchasing a nicely refinished vintage piece from a beautifully curated showroom floor to scoring a piece with potential from the flea market, shopping vintage can fit any budget.


5. The hunt is fun. There's something special about shopping for something that can't be reordered or restocked on demand. While sites like Chairish and Craig's List have opened up online options for vintage shopping, it's still a hunt to find that special piece. Whether browsing a beautifully styled mid-century shop or digging through a crammed antique store, it's a thrill when you find that treasure that belongs in your home.