Retro Den Featured Pick: 70s Vecta Modular Sectional

You may have noticed: the low, chunky sofa is in.  Both Emily Henderson and Erica Reitman have made note of this recently, and we couldn't agree more. These days people just wanna throw themselves down on their capable, yet beautiful sofa after a long day's work. These chunky beasts are perfect for the job. Our own Ashley Daly can attest to this.

Enter into the shop this week: this eight-piece chunky modern sectional by Vecta.

70s vecta sectional

Oh my gosh! This sofa isn't just low and chunky and gorgeous, it's also modular, allowing for multiple configurations with straight, concave, and convex sections.

Designed in the 1970s by Italian designer, John Mascheroni, this modular sectional won best new seating design, and we understand why. Feel free to take a seat for a minute or half an hour when you're in the shop next time. We won't bother you. We'll just let you enjoy it because that's the kind of people we are.

chunky low vecta sofa
70s sectional john mascheroni
chunky sofa closeup
vecta chunky 70s sofa
retro den sectional