Yucca Tree Care & Repotting

Yuccas are attractive, architectural trees that can make a big statement in your space. Below we've summarized basic care and repotting tips from our plant expert, Sara.


Basic Care

Give your yucca tree morning sun to shade and about a gallon of water every other week. If you are keeping it outside, bring it in when the temperature drops to 40 degrees.



To repot, select a planter that has a drain hole or make a drain hole (like I did!). You will also need potting soil (duh) and a serrated knife.


My yucca tree was pretty well stuck in its original pot, so I watered it to soften up the soil before I was able to remove it. Next, use the serrated knife to slice about an inch from the bottom of the tree's root system. Just like you'd cut a loaf of tough bread. This will allow the roots to grow more easily once repotted.


Add at least an inch (more depending on your planter size) of new high quality soil to the bottom of the planter to give the roots new space in which to grow. Then place in the tree and additional soil. You can repot your yucca tree any time of year.



As the yucca tree gets older (and potentially too tall for your space!), cut it back anywhere along the trunks. Take the tops and lay them off to the side for two weeks. Once the cut sites on the tops have scabbed over, stick the tops back in soil and they will root. The original tree base will also put off two to four new arms.


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