Bigger than the Three of Us Home Tour with Ashley Mayes


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This past weekend we were lucky enough to spend a few hours at the beautiful home of Ashley Mayes, creator of the home interior and DIY blog Bigger Than the Three of Us. We've been following Ashley on Instagram for a couple years now, ogling and reading about her home renovation and decor projects, so we were super excited to meet her! 

Not only is Ashley's home style beautiful, but she's so dang helpful. Her blog is a source I usually look to when I have a question about my own home projects. For example, I've referenced her blog on how to install open kitchen shelving many times during my own kitchen renovation and will probably continue to do so until those suckers are secured onto my wall.

We asked Ashley a few questions during our visit about home design and inspiration:

Where do you find inspiration for your home? For sure, Instagram but I also love looking through product catalogs. A lot of the time, I feel so inspired by the backgrounds that are created for products that it just sparks something fun and new to try at home.

How would you describe your style? I'd say I'm a mid-century eclectic girl living in a traditional house so my style if a fusion of those! 

What's your favorite room in your house and why? As far as decor, I love our master bedroom because it's calming yet has personality. For day to day living though, it has to be our kitchen. The style, usability and just overall joy it brings to our lives was such a complete change from where it was when we moved in. 

Do you ever feel a room is complete? As a interior decor blogger, I'm constantly changing things because I'm surrounded by decor and ideas all the time. I'd say that for our renovation projects, yes, a room can be complete. For example, our kitchen was remodeled and I don't have plans to change any of the remodel work. That being said, the decor in the kitchen and how it's arranged changes weekly. So, I'm sticking to yes and no. =)

What are some of your favorite blogs and/or Instagram accounts to follow? I've followed Sarah Sherman Samuel for a long time. Her blog and her IG are both really good! I adore Megan Pflug too! She has the best eye on renovations and decor in general. A few IG accounts that I love:

Thanks for having us into your home, Ashley! 

Now sit back and enjoy scrolling through images of her gorgeous home.

Ashley Mayes Kitchen

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