How to Water an Air-Plant


Our Secrets to Watering Air-Plants

We have plant secrets we want to whisper in your ear, but to avoid being too creepy, we just made a YouTube video and a quick blog blurb. 

How Exactly to Water an Air-Plant
Watch the video below to visually understand just how easy and pleasurable dunking an air-plant in water truly is.

How Often to Water an Air-Plant
We water our air-plants at the shop twice a week...Daly does it once a week or so at her house. The deciding point depends on the moisture level in your home. I find it to be helpful to bend one of the air-plant's it pliable, soggy, crisp? If it is is overwatered. If it is crisp, it needs water ASAP! If it is pliable, well, Goldilocks would love it, and it is just right.

How to Make an Air-Plant's Day
If you can collect rainwater and dunk your air-plants in it, that is the bee's knees. All that natural goodness?! Nectar of the gods.

You got this! Now scroll down to the bottom of this post and watch our short video to see our very technical technique!

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We've had years of success with our method, but we know there are other watering camps out there–the spritzers and the soakers. Are you one of these types of people? Tell us about your tactics in the comments and cheers to keeping our plants happy and healthy!

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