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The lovely Evie Shaffer, who makes the Oklahoma Wildflower and Oklahoma Foliage artwork we sell in the shop, came by the shop a few weeks back. I always love talking to her because we can discuss plants and earthy things. It's nice. During her visit, it hit me we should make a version of her work with our succulents. Evie agreed and said she'd come back soon and bring the things she needed to make her art right in our front window. I couldn't wait to watch her artistic process!

Soon, she and her son visited the shop and set up a small workspace. I had a moment of hesitation over our plan when I thought about taking leaves off of some of our plants, then I remembered that succulents are super easy to propagate. That said, NO SUCCULENTS WERE TRULY INJURED in the making of these pieces. Evie is going to propagate all the parts she used, and that puts my heart at rest. And no fingers were hurt either, as I provided gloves for the spiky cacti. 

I loved watching how she lined up her artistic medium (plants instead of paint!) and then just started forming her design. What a treat to see someone make their art. Celebrating and selling pieces by kind, talented people to customers for their homes is exactly what I want to do with my life.

It matters where your art comes from, and this art comes from a real nice Oklahoman, with regionally grown succulents, from a shop with two nice ladies named Ashley.

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