How to Frame Fabric for Artwork in Your Home


How do I choose art for my home?

Finding art for your home can be a really hard process. A few years ago, a photograph above my sofa fell and the frame broke. I'd had that art up for a looooooong time, but somehow it falling down made me feel ready for a change. I rolled the photo up and went hunting for new art–seriously not an easy task. Something akin to catching the wind, finding a twenty dollar bill on the ground randomly or guaranteeing yourself you got sunscreen evenly applied on your back. Looking for art for me is tough; I need to LOVE it. Now if you aren't looking for it, that's prime art finding time. Ever since my everlasting hunt for art over my living room sofa, I started putting together this round up–our Art Resources for the Home Pinterest Board. The art over my sofa is its own story; this post here is the story of art for my back sunroom.

Framed Fabric As Art

My back room has become our tv room, my sewing room, my husband's music room, and mostly our daughter Harriet's playroom. In this instance I wasn't even looking for artwork for that room, but it found me. It found me at Owl and Drum, the best modern fabric store ever. Rifle Paper Co. Menagerie Jungle Hunter fabric in canvas. It felt grown up (for me! I am so grown up!), but also playful and fun (for Harriet!). I decided to frame it and put it next to Harriet's blanket tent. 

I'm a lucky woman and my dear friend Ruby (of Laurel and Marie) has mat cutting tools and a heart of gold. I bought the mat board, she did the measuring and cutting. Snip snap, I had art to hang. If you follow along, the photos really do illustrate the process, since I know we don't all have a Ruby.

Have you ever used fabric as art before? Palmer has a framed scarf from her grandmother in her sitting room. I think that's the first time I had ever seen fabric framing done. Tell me, what are your favorite art resources? Comment below! 

// All photos by Abbey Wells of You Are Photo Co. //

Note, I kind of want to frame Ruby's shorts too!

Note, I kind of want to frame Ruby's shorts too!

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