Four Steps to Create a Succulent Arrangement


You know we love a good succulent arrangement. And after planting 2,349 arrangements ourselves over the past years, we’ve put together our recommended four steps for creating your own succulent arrangement!

  1. Select your container

First up, search your heart and select a container for your arrangement. Aspects to consider include the size, style and drainage capabilities. We’ve planted arrangements in a wide array of containers including but not limited to: handmade pottery, brass bowls, driftwood, vintage pots, terra-cotta pots, animal-shaped planters, and a plastic cherry tomato container (yes, really!).

It’s always best to have a drain hole in your container as standing water is the number one way to kill a succulent. If your container doesn’t have a drain hole, we’d recommend adding one. If you aren’t able to add a hole, just be careful with how much and how often you water your arrangement.


2. Identify how much light you have

Next, figure out how much light you will be able to give your succulents. Different succulents have different light needs, but all succulents do need light! High light succulents want six+ hours of sunlight (South-facing windows or non-shady West ones) whereas low light succulents can do well with three or four hours (typically an East-facing window).

Identifying where you will place your arrangement and how much light it will get will help you identify which succulent varieties you should choose. Read our post on succulent light requirements to learn more!

3. Determine how you will view the arrangement

Now that you have your container and know your light availability, think about how people (including yourself) will view your arrangement. If it’s going to be against a wall or window, you can just focus on making the outer side most attractive. If you plan to place it on a dining table or another surface where it will be viewed from 360 degrees, be sure to put thought into how each angle of your arrangement will look. In this case, you may want your taller plants towards the center and the shorter ones towards the outer edges.

4. Are you a mixer or a matcher?

When I’m planting an arrangement for someone at the shop and they ask me which succulents they should choose, I tell them they really can’t make a mistake (after considering the three previous steps!). It’s really about your aesthetic preferences. Are you a mixer or a matcher? Do you want to stick with one color and vary the texture? Do you want a variety of colors and shapes? Do you prefer symmetry? Maybe you just want a couple of types to keep it simple and streamlined. Really, the sky is the limit. Use your creativity and do what makes you happy!

After all, that’s what a succulent arrangement is all about.


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