Quick Home Design Ideas: Beth's Living Room

Beth's current living room

Beth's current living room

Home design ideas for Beth and her living room

Raise your hand if you have ever bought an entire matching set of furniture? Like side tables, coffee tables, media stand? Or side tables, bed frame, dresser, etc.? Not always the worst decision, but one we often hear clients being unhappy with later on. Beth feels her table set dates her living room and doesn't suit her current style. Sometimes when you invest like this, it's even harder to move on because it was such a big, ballsy move to purchase an entire set.

Beth, we think you can take heart knowing you had the gumption to do a bold decorating move in the past and can certainly do it again by reinventing yourself. We listened to your concerns and offered up some fast ideas for moving yourself in the direction you clearly want to go. You got this! Thank you for submitting!

Everyone watching...what do you think of our advice? Would you get rid of all the things you don't love at once and live without until you find its replacement or would you slowly replace? Why?

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