How to Care for Your Succulent Over Time


One thing we always tell a new succulent owner at the shop is that the succulent will never outgrow its pot; it's like a goldfish and will only grow to fill its current home. Although you never must size up your succulent's planter (unless you want to!), it does have some long-term care needs. This post is all about how to keep that older succulent in your life happy, healthy and looking good.

If you've kept your succulent alive for a year or more, you clearly have mastered the basics of light and watering needs. Now you're ready to learn how to keep your plant alive and cared for over the long haul.

Over time, most succulents will grow to have long stalks. Growth like this should happen over months, not days or weeks. If your succulent grows long quickly and its leaves grow further and further apart, it is most likely stretching for light. If this is the case, get that plant some more light! Also, note it is completely normal for the bottom leaves to dry up and fall off over time.

Normal growth should be slow and steady, the leaves should maintain a consistent distance apart from one another, and it should not look stretchy. When normal growth happens and you're ready to give your succulent a little love, follow these steps.


1. Cut your succulent stalk to that you have 2-3 inches of stalk left below the leaves.

2. Place the cuttings in dry, quality soil with at least 2 inches of stalk in the soil. Everywhere a leaf used to be on the stalk has the potential to grow new roots.

3. Do not water for 2 weeks and place in indirect sunlight.

4. After 2 weeks go back to caring for your succulent as you normally would.

5. The succulent tops should grow roots in a few weeks.

6. The stump that is leftover has about a 50% chance of regrowing leaves. Do not feel guilty if you want to dispose of it.

Note, it is best to give your older succulent a trim in the spring or summer months when they are in growth mode. Do not trim them during winter months because they are dormant. 

Here's to another happy year with your succulent!

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