Quick Home Design Ideas: Kendall's Living Room

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Proud to Launch our YouTube Series: Quick Home Design Ideas

Hey Friends! We've set our sights on YouTube, and we'd love for you to watch our first Episode of Quick Home Design Ideas. A bit ago, we asked people to send us photos of their spaces with questions, and we are finally squared away at recording our responses. This is our very first one, so it can only get better from here.

We aim to spend about 2-3 minutes on these sessions, hoping to help homeowners get the jumpstart they need to make their homes what they want and to give a hint of what we can do for a space with a full hour and our arms. 

In this episode, Kendall tells us about her dark, wood-paneled living room and her hopes for its future. We jump through some quick ideas to help start shifting it into the space of her dreams. 

Want to submit your home for some jump starting advice?