Home Design Ideas: We Love Adam and Sarah's Home


SNL NPR Ladies + Sunday Morning Real Estate Show

Our more recent videos consist of us addressing design dilemmas from our readers. NOW, we give you: us complimenting past Home Tour features on our favorite parts of their homes. A nice customer compared us to Portlandia, but I'd say SNL NPR Ladies + Sunday Morning Real Estate Show really gives you the recipe we've stumbled upon. Was Tulsa the only place that had a real estate television spot showing photos of homes that were currently on the market? It was strangely captivating. 

Speaking of captivating, Adam and Sarah's house (which they recently sold) was spectacular. Press that triangle below to see us point out our favorite design elements. And please, tell us your favorite parts of this tour in the comments! Feel free to hop over to the original feature to see extended photos!

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