DEAR DIARY: Things We Love About Gus* Modern

Retro Den Gus Modern Furniture Retailer.jpeg

Retro Den is a proud retailer of Gus* Modern furniture.

So proud, in fact, that we made a list of 24 reasons in our diary about it (and dotted all our i’s with hearts):

  1. Gus* is a furniture design and manufacturing company based in Toronto—available right here in our storefront in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Hey, anything we can do to save you from a couple thousand miles’ worth of wandering in search of superior furnishings is worth it to us.

  2. Gus* makes beautiful, high quality pieces using responsible green practices. Very important to us #plantmoms.

  3. Gus* is fresh and new for your home, inspired by modern design from decades past.

  4. When you shop Gus*, you can support small business in your community AND score beautiful, high quality furnishings, all at the same time.

  5. Gus* furniture complements the aesthetic and history of vintage pieces, resulting in the optimal balance of old and new. We aren’t fans of hard-and-fast design rules, but we stick hard-and-fast to this one.

  6. Believe it: Industrial Modern can look clean and cozy. The Gus* Atwood sofa, with its tufted back and tapered walnut legs that bring about a tailored, sophisticated feel, can get you there.

  7. Gus* offers furnishings ranging from sofas and sleepers to workspace and lighting. There’s something for everyone.

  8. Feel the need to add a crisp, clean feel to a scene? This beautiful, plush Gus* Margot sofa in blue velvet is our star for polished spaces.

  9. We have a selection of floor models for you to see and a catalogue of the full line of Gus* Modern all available to order from our shop—and we pay the shipping to the store. It’s thrilling to us to be able to do that.

  10. All upholstered pieces can be custom ordered in a range of delicious fabrics and leathers, each of which you will want to rub on your face until you fall into a deep, sweet slumber.

  11. Want a Rustic Modern look for your office? There’s a Gus* for that.

  12. If you don't mix old and new, your home can look one dimensional. By mixing in vintage, you inject personality and character. The new pieces from our line of Gus* will add a shine and crispness to the vintage pieces, and the vintage pieces will bring soul and unity to your space. #soul #unity #yes

  13. You can use Gus* to build a Bohemian Modern look for your favorite space.

  14. Gus* can give you the comfort of a large sectional while still offering a smaller, lighter footprint—thus opening up your favorite space. #winning

  15. This: The classic, mid-century modern inspired Gus* Modern Adelaide sofa in velvet rust. Enough said.

  16. Colorful, playful bohemian elements (wicker, rattan, wall weavings) contrast nicely with the modern Gus* Jane sofa. Trust.

  17. Our Gus* Atwood sofa floor model played a major role in a recent Alliday Show. She is forever part of dozens of Tulsa families’ treasured family photos. Imagine!

  18. The Gus* Modern Carmichael Bed is as comfy as it is handsome. That tall upholstered headboard is so nice to lean against when watching Forensic Files.

  19. The modern, simple Gus* Modern desk paired with a vintage orange Herman Miller chair is a dream com true for anyone who would like to enjoy a peaceful work area.

  20. It’s fun to make bi-sectional jokes. (Sorry.)

  21. Gus* upholstery has held up to lots of tough stains in our personal and customers’ lives—spaghetti sauce, raspberry-blue sucker, and even potty-training toddlers.

  22. Retro Den Creative Manager Holly says the velvet on her Margot sofa is extremely easy to clean. She uses a lint roller to swoosh away cat and dog hair.

  23. Gus* sofas come in a large variety of firmness levels for folks who love squish or those who like a stiff cushion.

  24. Gus* offers a full decade-long warranty on their frames. 10 years!

Gus Modern Tulsa Oklahoma Retro Den.jpeg