Succulent Care Guide: Aeoniums

Aeoniums are succulents

Aeoniums (pronounced ee-oniums, the A is silent) are a type of succulent with a lovely rosette shape. They are freakin' gorgeous. Although aeoniums are considered succulents, they require different care than most other succulents. As such, we've created a special guide just for these beauties. 

aeonium leaves

How to plant your aeonium

Unlike other succulents, plant your aeonium in soil. Plant it deep in the soil with the dirt reaching up to the bottom set of leaves. It will live a long and happy life this way. Note that it is normal for the bottom leaves to eventually fall off over time. Repot the aeonium once a year or so to make up for the leaf loss.

handmade pottery + aeonium
succulents + aeonium

How to care for your aeonium

Aeoniums don't require as much light as many succulents. Consider them a low light succulent that only require three to four hours of morning to afternoon sun. Although it can be happy outside, when it gets above 90 degrees, bring your aeonium inside and position it by a window (preferably East facing). 

Water your aeonium once a week by filling the pot to the brim with water. Aeoniums take much more water than most succulents! Aeonium leaves will wilt when they are dry, so watch for this helpful indicator that your plant needs a drink. 

That's the skinny on Aeonium care!

mudhouse studio planter + aeonium
how to care for aeonium succulents

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