Beach House Style: a Breezy Interior Pairing Modern and Vintage

This summer we were lucky enough to stay in a 1960s beach house in North Carolina with my husband's family. Within five minutes of entering the house, I was texting Daly photos. Of what you ask? Well....when we first entered the house, I was blown away by the wallpaper. I think the rest of the family was blown away as well, but not in a good way. But for me, it was allllll good. I had all the hearts in my eyes. Just look at it! The wallpaper was bright and bold and whimsical and sweet and everywhere.

vintage beach house entry

The next thing that caught my eye was the large abstract painting with orange, red and green hues which seemed to be pulled straight from the flower party happening all over the walls. The juxtaposition of the artwork and wallpaper is so freaking clever and satisfying to me. So satisfying. I would also like to note that the fabric on the entry chair and stool ARE THE SAME AS THE WALLPAPER. WHAT???

vintage beach house floral wallpaper
vintage beach house floral wallpaper +modern art
modern art + floral wallpaper

We then entered our room and I was yet again obsessing over a whimsical vintage floral, though this time much softer. And again, this soft, fanciful floral had been paired with a simple modern art piece with repeating colors. I would also like to point out that there are only two things in this photo and yet it is so striking. 

vintage beach house floral
vintage beach house bedroom
vintage beach house bedroom

I repeat. This wallpaper was everywhere. And I was not surprised to find another bold, modern painting on the staircase landing, this time pulling in the cooler colors from the walls.

vintage beach house staircase
vintage beach house staircase

The wallpaper was not present in the living room, but the color palette was repeated with the paint color and artwork. Then back to the floral in the kitchen with bright orangey coral rattan chairs in place of a bold painting.

vintage beach house living
vintage beach house kitchen
vintage beach house kitchen
vintage rattan beach house dining

Besides my obsession with the wallpaper + artwork pairings, the view was pretty amazing too. But let's be honest, I don't think I would have enjoyed the ocean view as much if it wasn't wrapped up in a vintage floral wallpapered box. But that's just me.

beach house beach view
beach house hammock
beach stripes beach house
Beach House Style Breezy Interior Pairing Vintage and Modern

Two Ashleys enter your home and leave it better than they found it.