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DIY cushion upholstery

I sat down with Janie of Janie's Upholstery yesterday for a lesson in simple upholstery. We chose a little stool on the shop floor, so I could learn the most basic seat cushion techniques. I thought it would be fun to make a video, and I clamped my camera tripod to our shop ceiling to capture my lesson. It was silly and fun to know we were being captured on film from above. I chose a modern fabric from our friends at Owl and Drum.

I'd like to note that Janie shared her amazing, industrial staple gun with me, but you could for sure get away with a staple gun like the one pictured. Janie's pro tool was super fun to use–so responsive to the lightest touch!–but also weirdly terrifying. Everyone remembers that kid who stapled themselves in elementary school, and I kept thinking about her while doing this project. 

I'd recommend having a few basic tools:

  • screwdriver, whichever one you need to get your cushion removed from your base
  • staple lifter
  • staple gun
  • scissors
  • your fabric
  • duster fabric to finish under your cushion

Without further ado, the video tutorial for DIY upholstery:

Tulsa Upholsterer
how to reupholster
diy upholstery
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