Retro Den 2016 Year in Review

Photo credit:  Molly Thrasher Visuals

Happy New Year!

I read this silly meme the other day that said, "Every time you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance." This is so true. In this photo above, you see our sweet families and us–the people who celebrate every day we get to spend running our beautiful shop and spending time with our wonderful fellow Tulsans. Thank you for 2016, it was a wild ride in many ways, but so many good things happened and we wanted to take a moment to review all those lovely memories.

2016 in Review:

Photo credit:  Molly Thrasher Visuals
  • We planted 3,456 succulents and dunked 2,765 air-plants.
  • Our favorite plant lady, Succulent Sara, joined us for many #succulentsaturdays throughout the year. She is one of our most favorite people, always happy and open and ready to share her immense knowledge and experience with us all.
  • We officially launched our home styling services this spring and have enjoyed working with some amazing clients with pretty homes both near and far this year. We can't wait to see what 2017 brings. 
Sallie Dale  teaching us to make beautiful felt flowers!

Sallie Dale teaching us to make beautiful felt flowers!

  • We had the opportunity to host several DIY classes with local creatives like Owl & Drum, Urban Acres, House Sparrow Fine Nesting. We had so much fun crafting and giggling in the corner during these fun nights.
  • A first for us this year–interns!  Lakyn & Holly from Clary Sage have both contributed so much to our shop this year–from styling the showroom floor, assisting customers and making us laugh. They are AMAZING. Thanks, ladies.
Gus Modern in Tulsa Oklahoma
  • As we strive to meet all your needs for a complete and beautiful home, we started carrying Gus* Modern vintage inspired furniture this year. Our Gus* Atwood sofa floor model even played a major role in this year's Alliday Show.
Tulsa Oklahoma Vintage Retro Shop
  • Our girls, Caroline (2) and Harriet (1), started greeting customers and sweeping the floors. Finally some pay-off. Keep it up, girls.
Makerage concrete planters Tulsa Oklahoma
OK Collective Candles Tulsa Oklahoma
  • We started carrying new local products from amazing small businesses, the Makerage and OK Collective. We are honored to work with such nice, creative people every day.
Tulsa Oklahoma Bungalow House
  • Ashley Daly painted her house to match our shop. Just kidding. But really, she painted it, and it's so beautiful!
  • Ashley Palmer also went bold and painted her eat-in kitchen dark green. Woohoo for bold colors!
Photo credit:  Adam Forgash Photography
  • We hosted the amazingly fun Alliday Show this year for the third time! We love meeting and working with such talented, nice Oklahomans. 
  • We donated our trusty van to NPR Car Talk. We couldn't think of a better farewell for our first moving van. Thanks for driving us through the beginning days, months, and years of our bold adventure that is Retro Den.
Photo credit:  Sarah Baker Photos

Photo credit: Sarah Baker Photos

  • In April, we celebrated 3 years of being in business! We can't believe it was over three years ago that we quit our day jobs and jumped head first into small business ownership together. Best decision ever. 

Thank you for making it possible for us to run our beloved shop this year. Let's walk forward into this new year with open hearts. Together a lot of good can be accomplished. And also a lot of home styling and vintage shopping. :-D