Retro Den Holiday Gift Guide: Shopping Local in Tulsa

Sometimes this time of year can feel so busy and often over-commercialized. But that is where shops like ours step in. It's lovely and good to buy gifts for our family and friends, but no one wants to buy presents just because it's a prescribed tradition. Shopping local and handmade is a way to reign back in the meaning of this warm and generous season. To this end, we've put together a Retro Den shopping guide to assist you in your gift giving this year!

1. Succulent Care Calendar

Us Ashleys worked with Succulent Sara, our succulent expert with over 30 years of experience to put together a full year's worth of care and advice for you. There are actions and tips for each month, and by the end of the year, you will have graduated Succulent School. Available online and in the shop!


2. Plants Paired with Local or Vintage Planters

Succulents, air-plants and containers galore! Stop by the plant bar and pot up a succulent or two right here in the shop. We can teach you how or we'd be happy to do it for you! Our ridiculously wonderful selection of planters include both vintage and hand-built. We are especially into containers by local artists like Foxy PotsMudhouse Studio and the Makerage

succulent in a mug
makerage planters

3. Home Styling Session with us! 

Oh hey! Word on the street is our in-home styling sessions are a wonderful gift to both give and receive. Give the gift of a home refresh to someone special. Our styling services are both collaborative and fun and end in beautiful spaces. See? Sign up for your session here!

Before and After // After one hour:  see the full session here!

Before and After // After one hour: see the full session here!

Our  mini-session  leads to a better room with just an hour of time together. We love to rearrange rooms and shop homes for better use of the things you ALREADY own.

Our mini-session leads to a better room with just an hour of time together. We love to rearrange rooms and shop homes for better use of the things you ALREADY own.

4. Wooden Letters

These letters were handmade for use in a foundry located outside of Oklahoma City. They worked as molds to create aluminum and plastic business signs for over fifty years. Gift one for home decor (hanging on a wall or leaning on a shelf!) or make a personalized ornament using festive baker's twine.


5. Lantern Slides

We have a crazy wide selection of vintage lantern slides collected from across the country.  These slides are a great personalized gift and great fun to look through. The record time for perusing slides in the shop is four hours. Wanna try and beat it?


6. Locally Poured Soy Candles

Hand-poured soy candles by local makers OK Collective. We offer several scents including Oakmoss Amber, Spiced Teak, Eucalyptus Mint, Namaste and Tobacco Bay.

ok collective soy candles


7. Macrame Plant Hangers

For that person in your life who loves a good DIY project, pick up a House Sparrow Fine Nesting macrame plant hanger kit. The kit includes step-by-step instructions and all needed materials. For those not so crafty people, pick up an already completed hanger in the store. And a plant. Did we mention we have those too?


8. Local Artwork

We carry some of the loveliest local artists in our shop (like Laurel & Marie!) who create works that are beautiful and appealing to many. Friends and family can hang prints in their offices with washi tape or frame them up for their homes. They'll be Oklahoma proud to have art made by their fellow Tulsans.

Plant print by  Laurel & Marie

Plant print by Laurel & Marie

Buffalo canvas by Truesdell Productions

Buffalo canvas by Truesdell Productions

9. Vintage Chotskies 

Oh man, we are your source for vintage chotskies. From brass animals to prop cameras, our shop is packed full with interesting objects that are fun to give and receive.

vintage baskets

10. Handmade Napkins and Tea Towels

People gotta wipe their faces and dry their dishes and hands. What a nice gift to help your friends and family do that in style. We have Owl and Drum locally made napkins and tea towels in the shop in a wide variety of colors, and all in beautiful, well-made fabrics. 

11. Handmade Pillows

Pillows are easy ways to brighten up a room, and plant print pillows especially make for a warm and cozy update to any space. We love that our pillows are made by local people. Both of us Ashleys have a selection of our locally made pillows in our homes, and we'll attest to their beauty AND comfort. 

tulsa made pillows

Happy shopping, friends! The shop will be open normal hours through Friday December 22nd. Then we are taking a week or so off for the holidays to spend time with our families. We look forward to seeing you soon!

xoxo, Ashleys