Secrets of a Shop Owner: Favorite Places to Shop Vintage (in Tulsa)

We love a curated home carefully crafted with vintage, found, and new pieces. This adds depth and meaning to spaces. One of the best things about vintage pieces is that you have to hunt them down. If you want something specific (side table, a tall lamp), you have to go to lots of places to find the right one because vintage isn't something that's made in mass. It's pieces that have lived a life before, that have history, are from a certain era, and evoke a more individualized style than off the shelf at a big box store. 


Some of my most cherished memories are going vintage shopping with my mom as a child. We'd tell each other what we were looking for and go out looking. It felt thrilling and purposeful. It's a fun experience. I used to drag my friends to the Tulsa Flea Market in high school, convinced this was the best thing you could do with a Saturday morning. I married a man who felt the same way. Before Retro Den, we used to go to the Tulsa Flea Market, several retro/vintage shops, then have a coffee, and take a nap. Perfect day. 

And when your home contains pieces from your adventures, it not only adds dimension to your general style, but it gives you happy feelings about the memories and the way you found a certain item. I love things I got from my favorite shop owners or found buried in the back of an antique mall. 

There are a huge variety of vintage shopping options. Places you must dig, more curated shops, sales in people's homes, and more. Each have their appeal. You never know where the right thing will show up. Vintage shopping feels magical and wondrous when you find that perfect piece that speaks to you. Gah. It's glorious. I LOVE owning our store and sharing that feeling with customers.


And when we work with clients on their homes, we love hearing their stories and knowing why their home decor pieces matter to them. We want everyone to know how fun and special curating your home style can be.

Our own homes are rich with awesome finds and treasures. And just as we've collected things for our home, we've collected our favorite places in Tulsa to shop for vintage wares. Get ready! We are excitedly revealing our favorite places to shop vintage in Tulsa in a twenty-part series! Just kidding. A six-part series.