Succulent Care Guide: Succulents that need more water

succulents that need more water

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Succulents are known for their low water needs, but there are a few instances where you may need to water more often than typically recommended

  • If you own any of these more spindly succulents pictured, they may need a little more water than plumper varieties. They don't have the capacity to store water as well as some of the other succulents. If your thinner succulent seems dry or distressed, try giving it a smaller amount of water more often, even once a week. 
  • If you have purchased the tiny potted succulents from our shop, they need more regular watering due to the container, which is small and allows quick evaporation. Give these guys two tablespoons of water once a week.
  • Christmas Cacti have special needs to achieve optimal blooming. We've got a whole post on this topic.

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spindley succulents
succulents that need more water