Thanksgiving Tables Galore

We did a Retro Den Instagram (@retrodentulsa) series of Thanksgiving table settings and thought we'd do a little review post of all that fine-dining. Setting a table is like the razzle dazzle misdirection of a magician. It's the first thing guests see, and it can prime them to remember the meal favorably. Plus, it's an easy way to show that you care to create a nice experience for them.

This first table has a nice natural vibe with hints of gold for festiveness. It's simple and warm.

We did an entire post on this next punchy table. Read about it here.

You'll notice natural materials, greens and hints of gold again on the following table. Maybe a trend alert? We love mixing dishes of various styles and materials together; it gives a rich and layered look. Pottery with china with wood with metallics with glass, etc.

 We love this next table; it's full of playful juxtapositions. We call it the Sophisticated Cabin look. Serve a champagne and St. Germaine cocktail out of this happy thermos? Yes, please. (2 parts champagne or dry sparkling white wine, 1.5 parts St-Germain, 2 parts club soda)

Also, wouldn't a turkey look charming on that red enamel tray?

We call this next one Duck Winter Wonderland. Scroll to the second picture, and you'll see why. We are so proud of the elegant use of ducks on this table.


Finally, a cozy table with reds, browns and muted gold. Both of us Ashleys have a table runner like this one on our tables at home. It's a vintage flour sack; we love the texture, another great detail to consider at your own table settings.

 What will your table look like? We'd love it if you'd send us photos of your Thanksgiving tables! Put them on Instagram or Facebook and hashtag #retrodenthanksgiving. You can also email us at