Retro Den Office Renovation on Prairie Hive

Ashley and I had the incredible pleasure of furnishing a 6,500 square foot downtown Tulsa office space for Consumer Affairs, a super cool software start-up. Our friends at Prairie Hive helped us document the before and after process; read about the project and see photos on their blog.

We rescued this gorgeous conference table top and paired it with a set of metal bases. The table top was too long to take up the stairs or the elevator, and we were finally told it wouldn't be able to make it to the second story office. However, we brought in our friend Fix-It, truly the great fixer of everything, for his opinion. He spied an industrial lift sitting on the street outside the building and said we simply needed to find whoever owned or was renting it.

It came down to us waking super early on a Saturday morning and parking next to the lift at 6am with a van full of moving blankets, the table top and hope. Also per Fix-It's suggestion, we were armed with donuts and cash. Against all odds, the lift owner showed up at 8am and willingly agreed to help us hoist the table to and through a second story window. It was glorious.

We left some visual beauty in the ladies' room for the women of the office. One of my favorite parts of this project was picking out a collection of small pieces to put the final touches on the space.

This is Consumer Affairs CEO Zac Carmen on ribbon-cutting and open house day. Cheers to much happiness in your beautiful office!