Holiday Gifts for Gents

If you are struggling to find the perfect piece for husbands, dads, boyfriends, brothers or guy friends, check out the selection below. These pieces are one-of-a-kind items in our store that add depth and cool to a home. (For the record, we think they'd be great for both genders.)

Globe // Barware gathered together in a vintage metal tray (all items sold separately). We all know this is super in right now, but the vintage stuff takes it up several notches. // Newton's cradle doodad for mesmerizing entertainment. // Gray-blue mug set for coffee-drinking pleasure. Pottery for succulents or tossing keys and change into. // Coffee pots for storage if you are making more than one batch for guests. // Handsome ice buckets because you deserve to enjoy getting ice if you are the cocktail maker. // Table top items with a masculine edge. Camera bag for slinging things around. // Stylish blanket to keep warm and look hip. // Briefcases. Because business needs to get done. // Maybe you want to shower your man with a swanky couch or rug?Radio to listen to NPR like an ultimate hipster. // Everyone should be protecting their furniture tops- guests only use coasters if they are available. Have some around. // Bar stuff again. Yeah, drinks really do taste better from quality glassware. // Take a man cave or bachelor pad up a notch with a pillow in a sharp pattern.