The Happy Host: Throwing a resentment-free party for someone you love

Recently, the lovely Ashley Palmer had a birthday. We had a little shindig to celebrate, and The Tulsa Voice let me share my party throwing A-game. Below: a snippet, bonus photos, and a link to the full article.

I scout and sell furniture for a living. Let’s boil that down. I move large, heavy furniture every day from point A to point B. We have a rule in our business: don’t buy any furniture for the shop that you aren’t thrilled to go pick up, load in a van, and schlep into the store. You gotta want to heft that giant sofa real bad. Otherwise, it’s a sign you shouldn’t be buying it.

Same rules go for party hosting. Do you love that friend enough to spend time, money, and energy on them?

Think long and hard because the alternative is being a bitter person in a party hat. Not pretty.

Read the rest of the article and become wildly knowledgeable about party throwing here.

// Succulents from Retro Den //

/// Succulents in pewter cups from our shop. The beautiful floral arrangements are by Ever Something Event Styling ///

/// Pie from the amazing Antoinette Baking Co. ///