Cocktail Napkin Sewing Night with Owl and Drum

 This past Thursday, we hosted a cocktail napkin sewing class at the shop with our friends at Owl and Drum, the cutest sewing and craft store at 15th and Delaware in Tulsa. Have you been? Their fabrics are to die for, they've got cute gifts (headbands, books, jewelry, etc.) and classes that will whip you into a beautiful crafting wizard. Bianca, the owner, is delightful, kind and helpful. Since our shops like each other so much, we decided they should go on a date. Enter Cocktail Napkin Sewing Night at Retro Den. The lovely Mary Perisho teaches most of the classes at Owl and Drum, and she taught our class too. We couldn't have been more excited that she brought vintage sewing machines for us and our guests to use. To top the evening off, attendees enjoyed fancy cocktails, Antoinette's Baking Co. treats and our ever charming banter.

Thank you to everyone who joined and thank you to Owl and Drum, everything about the night felt sew right.