A guide to letting go and homing in on your dream décor

A full house does not mean you are done decorating your home; it means you are just beginning to work on real design. We shared how to start fine-tuning your home style in the most recent Tulsa Voice. Read a snippet below.  

I’ve heard all my life how much personal growth lay ahead of me—after high school, after college, in my first job, in marriage, and so on. Turns out, it’s true. I know one negative attitude can ruin the collaboration of an entire team, I know bosses take you seriously if you take yourself seriously, I know it’s OK to pause an argument late at night and wait for the perspective only morning can bring, and I know money is important but happiness is priceless.

And I, finally, just on the brink of thirty, know which light fixture I want in my bathroom.

Believe it or not, home decorating follows the same path as Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. Owning a furniture-less home is like being a starving person. Many poor design decisions spring from deep, literal emptiness. CONTINUE READING