Small Business Style: The Workplace Nursery

We try our best to only do fun things on Monday. Retro Den business policy. Today, we had our fun setting up a lounge and nursery for our soon-to-be newest employee, Baby Caroline. Ashley Palmer is due in only a few short weeks, so we had to get Caroline a comfy place to hang out at the shop. As if having a sweet new addition to our Retro Den family isn't enough, making her a nursery encouraged us to finally get our back room organized. Boy, or girl, does it feel good! You can't see in the after photo, but we moved our black wire shelf and reorganized it. Now we each have a shelf and bins for organizing our things; Caroline has her own too!

Ashley Daly has an upcoming nursery decorating article in The Tulsa Voice coming out this Wednesday, so we took a few notes from that piece to put together Baby Caroline's home away from home.

The giant wooden C and the smaller letters are hand made from an Oklahoma foundry that made letters for companies' signage from around 1940-1980. The letters are forms or stencils. We like to say they've really worked and earned their retirement as decoration on a wall. Can't think of a better name to spell out; although, obviously, the name Ashley is a close second. (Side note: if Baby Caroline is born September ninth, Daly's birthday, there is a teeny tiny chance Ashley Palmer and her husband will re-name Caroline Ashley instead! #fingerscrossed) We have tons of these letters left for sale. Come check them out.

We believe every room should have meaningful touches like the paper balloons above that Ashley's dear friend Kelly made as decorations for her baby shower celebrating Caroline. And below, a tiny vase A. Daly collected as a little girl, a framed swatch of the Owl and Drum fabric A. Palmer used in Caroline's home nursery, brass animals (duh) and a van to remind us of a trusty buddy who endlessly helps us with our business.

The bright blue of this corner shelf is echoed in the butterfly wall hanging and the speckles in the green pillows on each chair.

This chair was recently reupholstered by Caroline's grandma Janie! And the pillows are by our awesome friend Briana Hefley Shepard with Bifftastica! We carry her pillows made of vintage fabric in our shop, but can't seem to stop buying them for ourselves.

Tiny, little Baby Caroline! We cannot wait to meet you, hold you and teach you all about the vast importance of vintage shopping.