Making room: babies won’t say it, but they like good design, too

Vintage Modern Nursery.jpeg

Ashley Palmer is one month out from her due date, and her baby room is almost finished! Here are some tips Ashley Daly shared in this week's

The Tulsa Voice

on how to put together a nursery. Snippet and link to full article below.

My business partner is pregnant.

So are several other close friends, several adored acquaintances, and probably the dog next door to me. That’s at least a dozen babies recently born or baking to completion within the past year. I’m nearly 30—it’s just that phase of life, I guess.

I’m not quite ready to grace the world with my own offspring, but since I spend an overwhelming amount of time with my business partner, Ashley Palmer, I’ve delved deeper into the heart of baby talk than ever before.

One thing I’ve learned? For better or worse, the baby’s room represents the parent-to-be’s physical manifestation of their first hopes for their child. Here’s how expecting parents can express their deepest dreams for their kids through furniture and home decor, without destroying lives or paying for therapy later.

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