House in order: The continuing quest for the perfect abode

In this business we go into so many homes, we can't help but consider life in another house. In this week's The Tulsa Voice, Ashley Daly weighs the pros and cons of moving and what it takes to sell a house. Below is a snippet and a link to the full article.

feel like I’m in a relationship with my house. I made a commitment to it. I signed stuff. Money was exchanged. I spent more to be legally bound to my house than to my spouse. I dedicate more hours to cleaning it than I do to cleaning myself. That’s love.

My loyalty only falters those times I want to poop when my husband is using our only toilet, or when I imagine myself in an airy, light-filled ranch house living room. I don’t want more space, just differently-planned space. I also don’t want to pour my heart into small adjustments and updates that suit me perfectly, only to leave them behind. I’m not afraid of home repairs, but I do them only for my personal enjoyment, not out of consideration for the next homeowner.

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