Unusual uses and organizational solutions


I (AD) did a little musing on imagining new lives and uses for furniture and home decor pieces over on The Noshery. Below is a short snippet and a link to the full piece.

I've recently brought some strange things into my bedroom; a vintage spoon-holder, from the days when folks collected spoons from their wild travels, and a china hutch. This is all in the name of finding organizational solutions that fit my specific needs. When fine-tuning organization, you have to really open your mind to find the best, and most beautiful, options.

I snagged the spoon-holder below at a run-down-house-turned-thrift-store in Tucumcari, New Mexico. My shopping companion looked at me like I was a little nuts when I picked up the piece of wood and the shop-keeper announced that it was a spoon-holder. Read the rest here.