The year of less: Recounting an experiment in addition by subtraction

I tried to write unpretentiously about my attempts at minimalism in the most recent The Tulsa Voice. Read a snippet, browse bonus photos and find a link to the full article below.


Every December, I name the coming year, as if each year were my very own tiny newborn child. Actually, the names are more like titles, and they point to our family goals and hopes for the next 12 months. 2012 was The Year of Giving, 2013 The Year of Yes and 2014 The Year of Less. I’m looking at 2015 being The Year of Simple Opulence, but I still have a few days to settle on this. Don’t pressure me.

As a kind farewell to this past lovely year, I’d like to recommend the Year of Less to everyone. It was and still is great. We’ll always have a special place in our hearts for it. Less of everything: commitments, body fat, stress, noise, spending and stuff. Wish I could say I am suggesting this from a lofty place of judgment because I’ve achieved a state of minimalist nirvana. But put your defenses down, I’m still but a humble stuff-haver...

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