The Search for the Perfect Sofa

When we quit our jobs and bought a vintage furniture shop, we knew our lives were going to get weird. As in, a lot less stability and money, but a lot more fun and flexibility. Plus, we soon realized there were strange perks that came with this small business life. One of the perks is getting to wear workout clothes as often as we want. Another (more relevant) one is getting to swap out the furniture in our homes on a whim. This perk is perfect for me as I am a self-admitted chronic re-arranger. 

Because we lead this funny life in which we can swap out a rug or bring in a new nightstand when the need arises, I thought it would be interesting to take a closer look at the three different sofas I've had in my house in the year we've lived here. A case study of sorts: my search for the perfect sofa to fit my living room vision.

I mentioned in a previous post that my dream sofa was vintage camel leather. Definitely something that doesn't show its face all that often. So, when we first moved in, I started with a dark vinyl vintage modern sofa as a stand-in.


The vinyl sofa was a perfectly wonderful piece of furniture and did its job. It was attractive and modern with clean, classic lines. It even had an interesting history as it lived several decades in an attorney's office in Tulsa. 

However, I never fell in love with this sofa. Maybe it was because I knew our relationship wasn't permanent (I had a wandering eye during our time together) or maybe it was because my husband never really preferred vinyl. Either way, the moment a vintage leather sofa sauntered into the shop over a year later, I jumped at the opportunity to make a move closer to my dream sofa.

Now this guy was real vintage leather and in marvelous condition! From the 1970s on, it lived in one family's formal living room and was hardly ever sat on. Which is a shame because it is damn comfortable.

As beautiful and comfortable as this guy was, he wasn't the one. Sure, I could be happy with him while I waited for my dream sofa, but it just wasn't right. He was darker and more formal looking than I had imagined. When I walked into the room I didn't swoon over my sofa (you're supposed to do that, right?). I needed a swoonable sofa! 

And then, in a moment of fate, luck, serendipity, whatever you want to call it–the very next week Ashley Daly found my dream sofa.

Vintage? check. Leather? check. Camel-Colored? check. Swoon when I walk into the room? check.

This is my dream sofa. It feels casual, bright and warm. I love how the leather is imperfect and distressed from its past years. I love how the lower back lends it a more modern, streamlined and loungy look. I love how the rich camel color makes my space feel lighter, brighter, more inviting and immediately draws in your eye when you enter my home (...perhaps leading to a swoon?).


From my vinyl stand-in to my camel-colored dream, this is what happens when you have the weird opportunity to swap out sofas on a whim. 

-Ashley Palmer

Dark Vinyl Stand-in

Dark Vinyl Stand-in

Dark Tufted Leather

Dark Tufted Leather

Camel Tufted Leather

Camel Tufted Leather

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