D.C. Home Styling Before and After: Boho Eclectic Town Home

larson home

Susannah and P Dave Larson are Whole Enchilada e-styling clients in Washington, D.C. We recently put together a styling plan for their living room. Below is a before and after of one corner of their apartment–Susannah's home office and indoor garden. Below are the steps we advised for this space and photos showing the finished product.

boho eclectic home stylilng
  • We give this advice to everyone: reassess all of the items you own and get rid of anything you don’t love. Specifically, (this is not optional) toss or donate the following:
  • Red and white small tables. We will establish a dedicated workspace that inspires you. You don’t need them.
  • Dark bookshelf. This guy is menacing and heavy and makes your space feel smaller.


home styling checklist
  • On the wall where the tall black bookshelf was, you will hang simple wood shelving. Three or four shelves with a third or fourth bottom shelf that is deeper for Susannah’s new desk/work-station.
  • The number of shelves depends on how many objects you have (after Step 1!) to display. The upper shelves should be 6 to 8 inches deep and spaced at least a foot apart vertically.
  • The bottom shelf (desk) should be approximately a foot deep and far enough below the upper shelf that Susannah’s laptop opens easily.  It will be positioned where Su can sit on the floor and work and also turn to look out the window. 
  • Having a wall-mounted desk and shelving will make your space feel larger and lighter.




boho eclectic after photo
boho eclectic interior after photo
  • Left sides of shelves/desk can be homes for plants; you can also hang plants in that corner. Plant the butterfly plant in a pretty pot. Be thoughtful about your pot selection. We suggest terracotta or other simple pots.
  • Get a pretty floor pillow to sit on; it can be stored under the desk and moved around when floor seating needs to happen in other locations. Maybe you would like a red one for a pop of color?
  • Store Grandma’s basket and another pretty basket for projects on one of the new shelves. You can easily access your projects and even work on them at your new desk.
shelf styling
up close shelf photo boho eclectic
shelf styling
Working with the Ashleys is such a fun and relaxed way to spend a Saturday morning. I loved seeing their styling process and seeing how beautiful shelves come together.

I am just sitting on my sofa now and admiring the calm, beautiful place for me and my plants. I can’t wait to do work surrounded by my favorite things.

-Susannah Larson
boho eclectic interior photo

Su and P Dave! Look at your home! As a client and also a dear friend, we are so happy thinking about you in this happy, airy space. We love all the beautiful pieces you have collected through your life and travels. Cheers to all that lawyer work you'll get done here. And cheers to working on the rest of your home!

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