Risks and Rewards of Bold Wall Colors: Palmer's Green Nook

I'm not afraid of color. In our first home, we had a bright red dining room, and I loved it. I loved it not only because it took four coats to get it that red, but because it was beautiful.

That said, when we moved into our new home I felt the need to switch it up a bit and try my hand at neutrals. 

After painting the living/dining area a very light gray (almost white), I turned my attention to the breakfast nook. The nook is part of the kitchen, but also connects to the living/dining area through doors and a large pass-through. Thus, the nook paint color would affect the entire space. What to do, what to do.

Play it safe, was where my mind first went. I'm a neutral gal now, I thought. I'm gonna go with medium gray. Good old medium gray. An easy, neutral backdrop though still enough of a contrast with the light white gray.

But I didn't pull the trigger just then. Something held me back and I kept looking for inspiration. And then I saw this Design*Sponge dining room one evening and I couldn't get dark, pretty green out of my mind. It felt so right, but so not the neutral pallet I was aiming for this time around. I searched my heart and weighed the risks and rewards of my desire for a bold wall color.

(photo via  Design*Sponge )

(photo via Design*Sponge)

The Risks:

  • I'd be committing to a look for a while. Instead of a neutral color that would allow me to change out decor and art on a whim (which I often do), a bold color might limit my decorating options in the main area of the house.
  • I'd run the risk of realizing it was too dark for the space after painting and I'd have to repaint, wasting money and time.

The Rewards:

  • It's not just a backdrop; the room color is a statement itself. I can play off this beautiful color in the main area of the house with art, rugs and other decor.
  • A more unpredictable, personal choice, it would give my home personality. More personality equals a more inspiring space for me and my family.

I went with the green. Sherwin Williams Evergreens to be exact. And I never looked back.

Updated rug in living room based on breakfast nook color

Updated rug in living room based on breakfast nook color

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