The Whole Enchilada: Hiring Us to Style Your Space

While you have multiple options for working with us to style your space, today we wanted to share more about how the deliciously titled The Whole Enchilada styling package works. 

Home Styling Tulsa Oklahoma


We help you search your heart about what you want out of your home. You’ll fill out a brief document telling us about your current space and your dreams for it. While this helps us know how to best serve you, you'll find it extremely insightful as well. Slowing down and asking the right questions sets the scene for an organized and targeted approach.


We bring you a gift, and you let us enter your home. Laughing ensues. We take notes and photos. No one wants this beautiful time to end. There is little we love more than being in someone's home and seeing concrete ways to finish the job and leave them with a space they adore and can thrive in.

It's such a vulnerable thing to invite people into your home to help you make it better. We know that and work to put people at ease–we'll tell you what we love about your current space and ask you questions. We may want to know about specific pieces of furniture and what they mean to you. We'll get a feel for where you want to go. Spending time with you in your space yields so much information. It all happens over a coffee, and friendly banter. You will feel comfortable, excited, and hopeful.

Home Styling Tulsa Oklahoma
Home styling Tulsa Oklahoma


Over loads of coffee, we plot your path to greatness. It includes a three part checklist divided into manageable phases and specific actions. You’ll also get a customized shopping guide and list of resources. This part is no joke; we work very hard on this. You'll receive a detailed plan for finishing your space.

The checklist is broken down into three main parts. First, we help you know what stays and goes; sometimes you really need someone to just tell you. We will. We'll do it nicely. You'll be better for it. Second, we discuss room framework–key colors, where furniture goes, and solutions to specific issues and needs. Third, we address the final layer of decor, like pillows, artwork, arranging, certain organization needs, etc.

We also include a simple shopping checklist, so you can see clearly what you need to finish the job. We'll send you a link to a personalized Pinterest board with multiple shopping options and inspiration.

We tailor all our direction to the budget you tell us you'd like to spend on your project. We won't guide you to something you can't afford; if your budget is tighter, we will link you to tons of DIY and affordable ideas. 

shopping guide home styling

While we LOVE vintage, and think it should be in every home some way, somehow, we see our styling services as separate from our shop. We'd love for you to visit our store, but mostly we want your home to be finished, beautiful, and a space you feel really good in. We hope you'll fill your home with old and new items that bring a vibrant and meaningful aesthetic; if that isn't your hope too, then we probably aren't the dream fit for styling services. The point of this paragraph: we won't be pressuring you to only buy from our shop. We will be pressuring you to make your home complete and happy!

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We’ll schedule a follow up visit within six months of you receiving your checklist. We hope that you’ll use this meeting as a motivating deadline, a chance to show off your accomplishments, and also a time when we can help with final tweaks like styling shelves. Many clients use this meeting as a chance to have us help arrange artwork, television placement, or ask any last questions, and other clients use it as a time to  show off their space. We can come bearing hammers and nails or wine. You're call.

Finally… working with us gets you preferred customer status at Retro Den.

  • You’ll be a card-carrying member and receive 10% off all purchases for a year.
  • While scouting for the shop, you’ll be in the front of our minds, and if we think you’d like something, we’ll shoot you a photo before things hit the showroom floor.
  • We will also yell your name with resounding joy when you enter our shop, like Norm, on Cheers. Just like that.

Have any questions? Just ask us! 

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