A-List Weekend Reading

peach entry + sunburst
peach entry + snakeplant
modern kitchen

This week Palmer painted her entryway a welcoming peach color, and I took family photos in my home. Palmer and I have been talking about how sometimes home updates mean making things "better than they were," or "good enough for now," and that this thinking is a healthy approach to home progress for us. If I didn't check my need for perfection, I wouldn't have let my sweet family photo session take place in home. But my house is where our best memories are, and unfinished trim won't stop me from celebrating where my family is right now. #progressoverperfection

And now, some beautiful posts from around the internet:

In honor of the end of summer, two different seasonal tablescapes. Here and here. For goodness sakes, eat in style, friends.

Words I never thought I'd say: I want to cook in this basement kitchen!

Round-up of textured fall pillows.

Vintage + Cocktails = two of our favorite things.

House plants and their care–ever a topic on our minds.

Speaking of plants, this studio home tour is so plant-filled and the color palette is makes us so happy.

I hope "tech green" doesn't become a thing Elle Decor Magazine, but I am happy to keep my eye out for these other 2018 color predictions.

Terrazzo is not just for flooring, and gosh, it is so beautiful

Should we make it to Toronto, this is where us Ashleys would stay. Period.



"The playful mix of color and texture and shape, which on second glance showed a keen design intelligence. These were the things my home was missing, and try as I might I couldn't achieve them on my own."

-Alicia Chesser, Whole Enchilada Styling Client, Tulsa, OK