How to Become a Green Thumb

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This is my staghorn fern! Still alive today!

This is my staghorn fern! Still alive today!

Air-plants! Dunk twice a week!

Air-plants! Dunk twice a week!

Becoming a plant lady

If you can't tell from all my instagram stories about plants, I am on a journey to become a green thumb. I'm trying to document this path for all my fellow dreamers out there. When #jungalowstyle is ever in our faces, and when NASA recommends at least one air-purifying plant per 100 square feet of our homes, I want to be that person offering a nod to the cold hard truth of plant care–it ain't always easy and it's not just about watering them. 

I have a secret weapon lovingly nicknamed "Succulent Sara." While she's best known for growing our fabulous and beloved succulents, her past life includes managing a large nursery with all types of plants. It's in her heart and in her soul, and she's my friend. I am not afraid to ask her all sorts of inane questions about the plants I am harboring up at Retro Den. 

My path to plant motherhood glory will be documented here. From what I can tell, it's a slow journey of experience, highs and lows, successes and failures...just like real motherhood. Hang in here with me. I'll offer hope, videos, and tons of detailed photos and explanations.

Ashley Palmer is in the passenger seat, and we hope you'll buckle up in back (Or maybe it's a pickup and you're squished in between us.). Excited to hear what you have to share. The best education is often crowd-sourced, then fact checked. So shout out your answers and resources. 

Us Ashleys and Succulent Sara

Us Ashleys and Succulent Sara

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Extensive plant guides

So far, we've got thorough notes on succulents, air-palnts, and easy house plants. But this garden has yet to bloom, y'all. We've barely scratched the surface. We're budding plant care specialists, so look out plants. We are going to learn your language and give you exactly what you want. 

I'm working on an inch-plant propagation how to, my fiddle leaf fig journey, more on water rooting, snake plant maintenance, and more. 

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Plants are cool now and they always have been

People are talking about plants like they just moved to town, but they've always been hot. Science says they clean our air and calm anxiety. Plus, plants are living elements that homes need to balance all the inanimate objects in them. That said, they are beautiful, and we are happy to celebrate them as a popular trend in current home decor. 

Finally, I just want to note in a public place that I am not an expert. My mother grew some amazing hydrangeas in my childbood, and I heard my great grandmother could bloom a Christmas Cactus right on schedule, but when I first started dating my husband, I killed every single house-plant he tried to gift me. In his words "a house isn't a home until it has plants in it." I knew deep down I wouldn't be able to keep them alive. But today I stand a woman brave enough to own multiple plants, and even sell them to others. 

It's a humble road ahead filled with dorky plant videos and jokes. But also hopefully filled with cleaner air and a refreshing sense of the possible. Let's do this.

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"After 13 years of living in this house, it is finally functional and lovely for me and my family, because of the happy, easy, light, playful, keenly intelligent way the women of the Retro Den showed up."

- Alicia Chesser, Retro Den Home Styling Client