Quick Home Design Ideas: Jessica Sprenkel's Yoga Room


Home Design Ideas From Us to You

It's time for our second episode! Did you see the first one? About Kendall's wood-paneled living room? Well, while we think it rocked, our newest video includes: us not being backlit, no Ranch Dressing bottle in the background, and, sadly, no cat sneezing. There is also some great advice for creating a peaceful atmosphere in our dear friend Jessica Sprenkel's home yoga room.

Sprenkel is a past client of ours. Enjoy her living room before and after here. She is a co-owner and instructor at downtown Tulsa fitness epicenter, StudioOne. And she has a perfect sunroom off her kitchen where she wants to enjoy a home yoga practice. It's a great room with so much potential...take a gander below.

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We aim to spend about 2-3 minutes on these sessions, hoping to help homeowners get the jumpstart they need to make their homes what they want and to give a hint of what we can do for a space with a full hour and our arms.  Thanks for watching!