Spring Has Sprung: How to Care for Your Succulents This Spring


Spring is finally here and your succulents are so happy about that! In the spring, succulents come out of dormancy and begin to grow again and who doesn't like to grow? Below are a few tips on how to care for your succulents this spring.

  • Now that the weather is warming up (consistently above 40 degrees), start watering your succulents twice a month. If you have our Succulent Care Calendar or Agenda, go mark down the two times you’ll be showering them with water.

  • With the warmer weather, you can also put your succulents back outside. It is best to ease them out in the more temperate weather, so they can adjust to the heat as it rises during the coming months.

  • When putting new succulents outside (or anywhere) check on their light requirements–aloe hate direct sunlight, but cacti tend to love it! Check out our post about light needs for succulents.

  • If you have succulents outside where they catch rainwater, be sure they have a drain hole and if it rains for more than a day, pull them under shelter. Overwatering is the number one way to kill a succulent.

  • Now is a great time to spruce up your plants and get them looking good again. This may include pulling off dead leaves, giving them a trim, and/or replanting them this spring. Go read this post for all the details on maintaining your older succulents. As Succulent Sara says, “All plants like a haircut!”

  • Stock up on pea gravel and keep your eye out for great planters if you plan to do some potting this spring. Spring and planting go hand-in-hand in our eyes, so we're doing just this! 

  • If you're in Tulsa, remember to come see us at the shop Tuesday-Saturday 11-6. The plant-bar is open and available to you and we're always willing to answer questions, teach you to plant, or just do it for you. ;)

  • Want to be alerted when we host any succulent classes? Sign up here!

Happy Spring, everyone!

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